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Navigate IFA & Mortgages


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How can Navigate help property investors?

Lewis and Paul from Navigate IFA can support property investors in purchasing properties, whether as sole traders or within a limited company (LTD) structure, drawing from their own experiences as property investors.

They can offer tailored financial advice and strategies to optimise the purchase process, including guidance on financing options, tax implications, and structuring the purchase within a LTD for maximum benefits. With their expertise, they can help investors navigate the complexities of property acquisition, ensuring they make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals and objectives.

Paul McCoubrey & Lewis Mills

Navigate IFA & Mortgages

Nigel Beggs - NBAS Chartered Accountants

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How can Nigel from NBAS help property investors?

Nigel Beggs from NBAS Accountants can help property investors, whether they operate as sole traders or through a limited company (LTD), by providing tailored financial advice and services.

For sole traders, Nigel can assist with managing taxes, maximizing deductions, and ensuring compliance with tax laws specific to property investment.

For those using a LTD structure, Nigel can help with setting up the company, managing accounts, preparing financial statements, and advising on tax-efficient strategies for property ownership and management within the company structure.

Janet Downing from Cairns & Downing

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How can Cairns & Downing help property investors?

Cairns & Downing Sales and Letting can help property investors because they understand the needs and goals of investors firsthand, as they are property investors themselves. They can provide valuable insights and expertise based on their own experiences, including advice on market trends, property valuation, rental yields, and property management strategies. Additionally, they can offer personalized guidance tailored to each investor's specific objectives, whether it's acquiring new properties, maximizing rental income, or optimizing portfolio performance.

Brian & Janice Muldoon

One Result Business and Life Coaches

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How Brian and Janice can help you?

Janice and Brian from One Result Coaching can help by giving advice and support.

They work with people to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

They teach skills like communication, problem-solving, and setting goals. Overall, they help people become better versions of themselves.

Ally Olphert from Create Architecture


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How can Ally help Property Investors?

Ally from Create Architecture can help property investors by designing buildings in a smart way to make more money.

They can suggest how to use space well, pick affordable materials, follow rules, show what the building will look like, make spaces that can change easily, use eco-friendly ideas, and manage the building work to keep everything on track and on budget.

Central Belfast Apartments

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How can Central Belfast Apartments help property investors?

Dave from Central Belfast Apartments, as a serviced accommodation (SA) business owner, can assist property investors by providing them with insights and expertise in the SA market.

He can offer guidance on the demand for short-term rentals, optimal pricing strategies, and property management techniques specific to SA properties.

Additionally, Dave can share his experience in running a successful SA business, including marketing tactics, guest management, and maximizing occupancy rates.

Essentially, Dave can help property investors understand the potential of SA properties and navigate the process of investing in and managing them effectively.

Enhance Home Staging - Katrina McNicholl

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How can Katrina help property investors?

Katrina at Enhance Home Staging can assist property investors involved in flips, rentals, HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation), or SA (Serviced Accommodation) by making their properties more visually appealing to potential buyers or tenants.

She can enhance the presentation of the properties through staging, helping investors attract more interest and potentially secure quicker sales or rentals.

This can lead to higher profits for flips, increased rental income for rentals and HMOs, and better occupancy rates for SA properties. In simple terms, Katrina's staging services can help investors make their properties stand out in the market and achieve their investment goals more effectively.

Wingtec Solutions - IT Services and IT Consulting
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How can Sabarish help property investors?

Sab from Wingtec IT software and consulting can help property business owners by providing tailored software solutions to accelerate business growth alongside hosting and support.

In addition to the above, Wingtec can help with designing websites, creating emails, developing apps, and offering various other software services.

Mears Housing Northern Ireland


Mears Housing Northern Ireland can support property investors by offering property management and maintenance services. They can help investors ensure that their properties are well-maintained, meeting safety standards and regulations.

Their services include repairs, upkeep, and managing tenant needs efficiently, which can ultimately help investors protect the value of their properties and enhance tenant satisfaction.

In simple terms, Mears Housing Northern Ireland assists property investors in keeping their investments in good shape and running smoothly

Raymond Crooks & William Wilson

Thompson Crooks Solicitors (TC Legal)


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How TC Legal helps property investors.

Raymond and William from TC Legal can support property investors in purchasing investment properties, whether residential or commercial, and utilising creative options like lease options.

They can provide legal expertise in structuring these deals, drafting contracts, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Additionally, they can assist in managing the portfolio by handling lease agreements, resolving tenant issues, and advising on property management strategies to optimize returns and mitigate risks.

Raymond has the additional resources as he is a property investor himself.